Thursday, April 7, 2011


Not vintage, but this is my "vent"-age.

1. I'm super surprised that Colombians don't smoke cigarettes more than they do.
2. I feel like an official backpacker now..
a.)I tried to quickly get into a collectivo.. but I couldn't fit with my backpack still on because the top of the van was so low.. but I couldn't take my pack off because I had a small bookbag on the front of me.. there was a man with a huge bucket that he 'couldn't move' for me to get by.. so I'm awkwardly struggling with my life as everyone is pointing for me to sit in the back, and I finally point and say 'aqui' (here!) and make sure the man knows I'm sitting beside him whether he likes it or not!!
b.)I have washed my clothes in a pot
c.)I smell everything before I put it on (most of the time as I put it on, I'm like eww I can't wear this.. it takes two tries)
d.)I have one pair of shorts I wear on a regular basis, two shirts to choose from to actually 'wear', two shirts to hit the town on, one outfit to sleep in, one pair of pants... must... go... on a shopping spree!
e.)My tanline is of a racerback tee (singlet)
f.)My freaking life revolves around a backpack! Ooh, what to do if it is ever lost?!
3. I took a night bus, and couldn't have felt safer. They even check the bus before we leave the station for amount of people, who is driving.. and these checks happen randomly throughout the route.
4. Each city is so insanely different, yet so close together.
5. I miss food with intense flavor... KOREA, I miss thee!
6. I've been hanging out with no one but guys!!! It is very rare that I have been meeting girls on this trip, Ness is the only one I have had any 'girl' time with. There are girls backpacking, but it is a bit more difficult to mesh with a group of girls rather than a group of guys, much less caddy! (Just talked to two german guys last night.. they were talking about how they couldn't believe how many girls were traveling, and alone... we had an argument. I ended my argument with, how many girls are in our hostel compared to boys? How many girls are in our dorm? That would be me and 3 other guys in our dorm room.. and 3 other girls max in the hospital. ALSO, last night, we hung out with a bunch of gringos on the square.. there were at least 15 guys to 4 girls!)
7. I still can't get over how large the Colombian women's boobs and butts are.. it's insane.. I wonder if it's because of the water?! I'd better get drinking!
8. I couldn't be more awkward when it comes to outdoors things. Seriously couldn't be, I refuse to let anyone walk/hike behind me because I don't want them to enjoy life that much through laughing at me.
9. The stray dogs here seem to be a lot nicer than stray dogs in other countries. I'm not sure why. But I miss my dog muuuchoooooo!
10. Got my first hitch-hike ride ever in my life today. Woot woot, I can spend that money on iiiiccceee-creeeeaaam... or Pilsen :)
12. My camera has officially lived up to its waterproof-ness.. it has survived boob sweat from the trek (that's where I had to keep it without any pockets), and it survived the rapids today! Yaaaay! Ready for the Galapagos!!

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