The Plan

Follow me as I traverse the unknown (to me & maybe to you), take on those FARC-y guerilla wanna-bes, dance up the Inca Trail, study to pass the CELTA, live in a bamboo hut for a month, volunteer with kids/animals and laugh a little in Colombia, Ecuador, Peru & Chile!

March 23-April 23: Colombia
-Week 1: a couple of days in Cartagena, 5-night/6-day trek to Ciudad Perdida (a lost city that can only be reached by foot or helicopter)
-Week 2: beach & desert time in the La Guajira Peninsula, Bucaramanga
-Weeks 3 & 4: Medellin & Southern Colombia
Colombia - SUCCESS!

April 23-May 27: Ecuador
-Goal: Pass my CELTA Course with flying colors

May 28-June 10: Ecuador
-Plan: Galapagos Islands

June 10-July: Ecuador
-Plan: Traverse the jungles with my Korean Amiga DANA :)

July-August 5: Peru
-Plan: See as much of Peru as possible

A life without adventure is not the life I choose to live.
Should be a lovely ride!