Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shut.... UP

So.. I walk into this bar.

No really, I walk into my hostel's bar and onto the terrace. A few of my friends are sitting in a circle enjoying the sunset, so I join. Sit down, maybe 5 minutes later a guy pops in that we've never seen. He takes a seat, we start talking to him. Mike asks him where he's from... this, my friends, is where it all begins.

Mike: Where are you from?
Kevin: The USA
Mike: Where in the US?
Kevin: Maryland
Me: Oh cool, I'm from VA
Kevin & I: ::We begin to discuss Northern VA, DC, where he used to live in Rosslyn, where I lived in Georgetown, Nick's Country Bar (in previous post)..::
Mike: How long have you been in Colombia?
Kevin: :: He discusses his story of just coming from Ecuador, Central America...::
Kevin: So you're from Arlington?
Me: Noooo, I'm not from NOVA! I'm from Roanoke.
Kevin: Seriously? I grew up in Roanoke!
Me: Well, I'm not literally from Roanoke.
Kevin: Me either
::Simultaneously:: I'm from Troutville --- Troutville
(Okay, I'm a bit weirded out by this point.. is this guy stalking me? Is this one of those tricks where he reads my mind?!)
Me: What highschool did you go to?
Kevin: Lord Botetourt
Me: Ew! So did I!
Kevin: Ew? haha
(I'm thinking.. uuhuh, as if I even believe you :) )
Me: Where in Troutville did you live?
Kevin: Trinity Road
Me: Aah, okay I've definitely been on that one. I live off of Catawba
(Alright.. Trinity Rd... I'm starting to believe him)
Kevin: I'm really surprised to meet someone from Troutville, traveling isn't exactly 'accepted' as a norm
Me: Welp, we broke those assumptions! Woohooooo

Then, I'm still in a bit of awe. And the friends and I were just about to go to Jorge's house.. so I just sit there awkwardly, thinking about it all. And we say our goodbyes.. I found him on Facebook, he aint lyin' son.. no no nooo!

K.. then I walk out of the bar.
The End

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Oh Santa Marta, You Make My Hearta..

.. go BOOM!

A 3.5 hour bus ride eastward took me to the beautiful city of Santa Marta. On our way, we passed quite a bit of poverty and a whole heck of a lot of trash. It was really sad to see all of the rivers polluted with trash, and people walking on roads that were covered in trash.. makes me seriously want to start an environmental/recycling program in the area to teach awareness. But, anywho.. I believe I saw my first mountain of cacti.. looked quite legit, can't say I would want to hike up it though! On the bus, I met two guys from Malta, Mike & Luke, and an Aussie, Sean. They're great guys and we've been having a lovely time! The bus was insane, first they showed a movie about the war in Iraq, then they showed a movie called 'Splice'. O M G, I have never seen such a mentally disturbing movie, it was just WEIRD.. I'd never heard of it before, but it was kind of hard not to watch a bit of it since it was so insanely strange!

Santa Marta is at the base of the Sierra Nevada mountains and also on the caribbean. However, if you're looking to go there for a gorgeous beach.. don't expect one to be at the city center! The beach by the center was covered in trash and it is also a major port, so the panoramic view is not so nice! (However, just short rides away away, you will find paradise after paradise!)
If you want an amazing hostel, try La Brisa Loca.. I am IN LOVE! I couldn't stop telling the guys how much more I liked this city (until I saw the beach) and how fabulous the hostel was! They renovated an old mansion in the city and it is spectacular. It has a pool, bar, rooftop terrace, restaurant, lots of color, great staff, a complimentary beer at arrival, wifi, EVERYTHING. This place just oozes with character!

Last night, we met up with two of Luke and Mike's friends, Jorge & Henry. They met in Malta while getting their Masters. Jorge lives in El Rodadero, a small beach town right outside of Santa Marta & Henry flew in from Bogota. They were great guys, a bit older, but great company! We first went to an overly priced (err..) chain sortof restaurant in El Rodadero.. I was none to happy about that, and bought the cheapest thing on the menu.. I still paid about 3 times what I would have been normally spending on meals.. but they were great company so it was worth it! Then, we rented some chairs on the beach. A man came by and plopped a cooler in front of us of beer, Gorge paid him for a set amount.. and he just leaves his cooler there and collects it when everyone is finished. This beach was great, no debris, and lots of musicians everywhere. There was a band, mariachi-esque, that played for a group of people for about an hour (I think they had to pay about 3 dollars for each song) and danced the night away. It was so great to watch. People here just adore music and dancing, and it is just so natural to them. There is something so innocent about dancing life away on a beach, great! The police came and kicked everyone off of the beach at midnight (obviously Colombia isn't as laid back as I had imagined! But it's great they are promoting a safe environment!!)

Oh yea, and I learned something. I HATE HATE HATE HAAATTEEE accordions. Hate. I'll leave it at that, I believe I have a fear of them now!

The best part of the night was going to a night club and dancing salsa/meringue/vallenato. The Colombian guys helped to teach me, and it was ace. Best time I've had in a long time going out!! It's just so rhythmic and hot and sweaty and intense... sigh... uh, I believe I'm addicted, I cannot WAIT to go back tonight!!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

What Shall I Do

I have a precious kitty-cat sitting next to me that I get to love on in the hostel. I wish she could sleep with me, I miss my Gracie snoring in my ear! The food has been yummy here so far, although I honestly miss Korean and Mexican! It is quite plain food, but I seirously can't wait to try the cow tongue.. a restaurant I've been to twice serves it, nom-nom-noms! :)

Tips for Cartagena:
Although I've only been here for not even two full days yet, the city is quite easy to grasp. If you start off without a map (just be sure you have a landmark for how to get back to your street.. mine was the tallest building in el centro) and just wander around, you're sure to see a lot. If you follow the tourist map only trying to go to specific places, I seriously think you would miss out on a lot.

My hostel is in Getsemani, it is truly seedy like you read about online/in guide books. However, I think it gives it a bit of charm.. but not at night! At night, it is dark with scary people milling about! The hostel I have stayed 2 nights with is 'Casa Viena'.. it is simple, small, a bit dark, a bit hot, but the staff is great (speak a bit of English!) and I've met a few people. Luckily, it is part of a chain of hostels in Colombia, so I can pay them for my next hostel, and have it pre-booked!

There was a girl in the street earlier today who bent over to tie her shoe and a guy walking buy just grabs her butt. I still can't figure out if 'maybe' they knew each other.. but she didn't seem the least bit concerned, no bendejos or chingados about it. She did have some mega booty shorts on, as they all do! The strange thing on the streets is really what they sell, you can buy used electrical outlets, used locks, used lighters, shoe laces, sunglasses (which the Colombians do not wear) and lots of fruit.

The fortress, Castillo San Felipe, is a rip-off at best, however there aren't too many 'tourist' attractions, so all of the tourists seem to gather here. I did enjoy walking around and finding some shadows to write my journal in.

Bocagrande was nice and relaxing. There were many people swimming, the water was very warm, and it looks like a completely different city from the old city. Not as much character, but great for day trips to the water!

If you're going to stay in Cartagena, as a backpacker I would recommend Getsemani because it is the cheapest... more upscale, definitely stay in el centro it is SO romantic and nifty!

El centro (also called the old are walled city) which is the super colonial area has plazas to drink in at night.. very Spain-esque. And there are many places to dance salsa, ole'! During the day, the streets are crazy with people everywhere, taxis trying to run you over, carriages carrying, and fruit stands abound!! There are cathedrals you can visit, and the sea is directly behind it. If I had the choice, I wouldn't leave it! Although the 'real' Colombians seem to be on the outskirts living their daily lives. It's very much like taking a step back in time.

As a 'tourist' I haven't been harassed as much as in Thailand, people seem to give up after a short while when trying to sell you things or beg for money. You get plenty of whistles, te amos and hello beautifuls as a woman. I have not felt uncomfortable thus far, however, I have not been walking alone at night. The first hour or so was a bit unnerving walking about with no real place to go, they can pretty much smell your fresh off the plane-ness! I honestly think if I dressed sluttier I would get harassed less.. strange huh? Dressing more conservatively makes you stand out like a sore thumb (I've never understood that phrase)!

So far, it definitely seems like Colombia will be much more expensive than many latin countries, the buses and hostels are both much higher than they would be in Ecuador or Peru... so I am secretly awaiting my time to go there!

Tomorrow I will grab breakfast, some cash, and hopefully a watch then head to Santa Marta around 11AM. It will take a bit over 5 hours to get there, and my hostel is already paid for, weehoo! It is supposed to be an amazing hostel, with a bar and everything within it, so I'm hoping to meet some more people (hopefully people headed to Ciudad Perdida). There is a beach within walking distance and the office for Magic Tours that I will do my Ciudad Perdida trek with is located 2 blocks away. I'm hoping to get a small-ish group for the trek, I've heard stories of people having 30 people in one group when it should be 12, and will possibly hang out at the beach in Santa Marta for a day or so to get the best group!! After that, I plan on heading up to the Guajira Peninsula where there is no electricity to hopefully be completely emersed in Spanish.. and maybe find someone to do English/Spanish lessons with!

Slither Through Cartagena

3 words to describe Cartagena: sex, slither, sun

My plane landed in Cartagena yesterday around 1:30PM, it was supposed to land at 12:30.. except it just HAD to be snowing in NYC when I left LaGuardia. I am pretty sure, I will never-ever fly through LaGuardia again if I have a say in the situation.. I'm jinxed, LaGuardia hates me!

Fresh off the plane, I found an ATM, got some yummy pesos (Thank you Lord, my card worked!) and bargained for a taxi. Yes, I, Paula Ferguson bargained (I hope you heard that, Ange!). Although.. my bargaining didn't go over too well since my 'super nice' taxi driver who liked to talk to me in really fast spanish so that I didn't understand a word decided not to give me the correct change back.. first he was 2,000 pesos short.. then, he was 1,000 pesos short (I wanted to use the few choice words in spanish that I know when I left the cab, but I decided not to make any enemies too early on!).. but I just rolled my eyes and jumped up and down that I was actually a couple of blocks from my hostel!

What I've learned:
How do you cross the road?
There were people walking everywhere.. slithering rather, but I'll get to that later.. I had no idea.. how to cross the road! I'm watching how the heck they would cross it, but it's basically like sacrificing your life everytime. I really wanted to do the super cool 'put your hand up' Korean Kindergarten style, but decided to play frogger instead. There are no cross walks.. it was a four lane road, but I didn't die. I've now learned in the past 24 hours I have been here that if you give the taxi drivers joy by hurrying across the road they go faster.. if you walk across the road without a care in the world (and with a slither of sorts) they slow down and will rarely honk. But even if they are honking, so many other taxis are honking as well that you wouldn't even be able to tell if he was honking at you or not. My theory on crossing roads really slowly may hurl me in the hospital one day, but I swear it is the Colombian way.

How do you get a vaccination?
Cartagena is a city, but without all of the skyscrapers. The buildings that were tall were really old, and barely looked like they could house any sort of business. But somehow they do, and people literally wait in lines to go up the elevators. Once I arrived, my first order of business was to receive my Typhoid vaccine. I waited on getting it because I figured it would be cheaper than the US, it was about half the price. I was a bit stressed at first, because I had emailed the owner of the hostel I stayed with and asked if she knew of a clinic. She had no idea, luckily I put up a post on and an angel came my way! She said 'it's in the Citi Bank building, hope that helps', I was excited she had actually heard of it.. but with the lack of road names around here, I wasn't sure if I would be able to find it. The lady at the front desk pointed on a map to where the 'CitiBank' building was.. but with only being in the city for an hour, I was more than a bit confused!

I finally found the building after walking in huge circles through bustling markets for about 30 minutes in 90 degree heat. It wasn't fun, but definitely helped me figure out where things were in the area! What is really pitiful though, is how horrible my spanish is. O M G! It's pretty sad, I think I used Korean words about 5 times in a period of 15 minutes. Luckily though, I THINK I received the correct vaccine. I guess we'll find out! And currently, my arm hurts so bad I can hardly take off and put on a shirt because it's so sore when I try to move it above my head.

How do you slither?
I'm going to make at least a million dollars off of my new dance, 'do the slither'.. kind of like the dougie, but way cooler!! OK, so the Colombian women OOZE sex.. yes, ooze! Regardless if they're skinny or a bit hefty, those girls will wear the tightest pants and top you've ever seen in your life. And they're (skinny) bodies are bangin'! Tiniest waste, biggest butts, a lot have boob jobs.. men, you'd better by your tickets now while they're cheap! But boooy do these girls have attitude, you can tell it by their slither. I had a conversation with some people last night about this topic, and everyone agreed except for the guy from Norway who didn't know what 'slither' meant. They swing their hips while walking every so slowly, not like the cat walk swing your hips, but a slooowww, fiieerrccee, ssuulllttrryyy, strut! These girls, can snag attention! I've also learned that the slower I walk on the streets the less I look like a tourist (I think!). I'll have to admit, I'm working on my slither.. but I can't take it outside of Colombia, may look a bit REDIC!

How do you stop discrimination?
Have kids dress up in KKK robes and ride in a carriage, with a couple of hundred people following with signs and chanting to protest discrimination. No lies, check out the pictures! They got this idea from somewhere.. wonder where America?! It was really cool to see a protest of sorts though, everyone in the streets seemed to be excited they were doing it!

I spent the little part of the day I had yesterday wandering around the streets letting myself get lost.. I'm horrible at direction, so maps were never needed! The city area is quite easy to become familiar with as well! After I was tired enough from walking around everywhere, I hung out a bit in the common room and chatted with a guy from Boston & Norway, Dorian and Rossamus. Then, a guy walks in and says his name is PAUL.. where are you from Paul? Paul is from NEW ZEALAND (irony? I think so!). We all got dinner together and then headed to the walled city for some drinks at Donde Fidel in the plaza area. There, we had the best entertainment ever! A MIME, it was so terribly random, but really freaking hilarious! He would walk behind people mimicking how they walk, hop in front of cars and trick them in different ways.. people watching is great in the first place, but with someone making fun of them when they're completely oblivious to the fact infront of about 50 people.. it's more than priceless!

Today, I went to the fortress 'Castillo San Felipe', it was interesting.. and filled with tourists. To the point where there were about 30 older people (French tour groups. err) waiting on the sidewalk to go in, all topped with big brimmed 'tourist' hats. There was even a man within the fortress dressed as a soldier playing 'La Bamba' on the trumpet.. Definitely overpriced, about $9US to get in. I would recommend just looking at it from the outside! However it was pretty relaxing, just super hot. Apparently Cartagena is much hotter than most areas in Colombia because the wind can't blow through the buildings.. thank God it wont be this bad everywhere! Then, I walked about 20 minutes to Bocagrande which is a mini Miami of sorts. It has a thin beach area with much nicer sky rises than in 'el centro de cartagena'. I sat on a rock and practiced writing some spanish, I didn't know my feet were going to take me there today, so I wasn't dressed for the water :(. Then, I wandered a bit through the walled city again .. and GUESS WHAT?

I SHOWERED!! I know, I know.. I could hardly believe myself at first! It was just soo sticky outside, and I felt the need to get clean.. doesn't happen often! :) I'll end with that!

Colombia is treating me well, the people are great, the food is great, life is.. great and I am clean! hehe

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

24 Hour Mark

~*~If you reject the food, ignore the customs, fear the religion and avoid the people, you might better stay home. ~James Michener~*~

That's right, 24 hours and I will be settling into a hostel, roaming around the bustling streets of Cartagena, eating yummy ceviche, wandering to my hearts content and soaking up the sun near the equator.

I have great hopes for my first solo South America backpacking trip! What I hope to do with this blog, is share with everyone around the world the jewels of South America! I've heard from many travelers that Colombians have been the nicest group of people they have ever met.. ever! Did you hear that.. er.. read that?! But don't worry, as most people have the worst idea imaginable about Colombia and its people, I will be sure to experience this for you.. so that maybe, if you are one of those 'thinkers' you will strap up and jump on the Colombia train!
Sure Colombia has a wretched past, that was loomed with drug wars.. but if it has changed.. why still hate on it? If people judged America by its past.. slavery, witch trials, racism, wars.. and refused to visit to see for themselves that it has changed wouldn't that be a shame?

~*~Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime. ~Mark Twain~*~

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Pre-Vacation Vacation

What's about 6 feet standing, black & grey, with four legs... and licking my feet right now? That would be my best friend's Great Dane, Dory.

That is my life right now, working my way North just to go even farther South. And honestly, it's like taking one step back (460 miles North) to take 5 steps forward (3,683 miles South).

And I wouln't have it any other way! I FINALLY get to see my bestest friends from University after being home for 2 months from Korea. Everyone lives so far away from me now, so I've packed 5 best friends into my 2-week pre-vacation .. vacation!

I took the Megabus to DC from Christiansburg, VA for the completely ridiculously expensive fare of $1.50 (would I lie to you?! , I know you're curious). It was an extremely relaxing 5 hour ride, reading the caddy drama 'Something Borrowed' the entire way there. It was sad saying farewell to my old man & my old lady.. especially to my Doggy & sweet MawMaw.. but my feet are itchy and it was time to get a move-on!

Highlights: I got to spend some fabulous quality time with Ashley and Heather. I enjoyed some awesome dinners with friends and got to do lots of catching up! Ashley and I went out in Arlington on Friday night, interesting night scene.. I think I could only dig it if I actually lived there and knew more people. Twas a bit of a pretentious crowd, but to be expected in a city namely for business careers. I'm fully surprised that I now have no desire to move back to DC. I suppose it isn't too surprising seeing as I picked up and moved across the globe to work in Korea and avoided that path. However, having Ashley in DC makes it quite tempting, we always have a blast regardless of what we do!

NICK'S- Country Bar
On Saturday night, some friends came up to play from Harrisonburg and we went to a COUNTRY BAR called Nick's in Alexandria, . It was like living a dream, I remember when I was a little girl and would watch Country Music Television with my Dad. They used to have a TV show in the 90's that purely video taped a country bar in Tennessee and you could watch everyone line dance. I remember loving every minute and wondering how the heck I would get down to Tennessee to go to one. Welp, I didn't even need to go South.. I headed North, and there was heaven! If you live in the area, you should go! There was a live cover band, that was amazing, a huge dance floor with people legit line dancing and two-stepping, AND on top of all of that goodness there was a room for country karaoke in the back. If you're worried about not having a dance partner, have no fear there are plenty of older men that would fancy a dance!

Sunday was funday, Heather and I met up with her boyfriend and brother for lunch & a hike. We realized during lunch that our 'hike' was really going to be climbing over a bunch of rocks, no mountains involved. I had my new hiking shoes ready and roaring to go.. Heather however only had tennis shoes. SO, we went out on a shopping trip (didn't surprise me at all being with Heather :), although I thought it would have taken at least 24 hours before we hit a mall! hehe). She found a great pair of Keens and we set out to drive to Maryland at FOUR o'clock, luckily it was only about 30 minutes away and daylight savings time day! Because I didn't bring my headlamp, AND Heather didn't bring her tent! :)

Billy Goat Trail was sweet, it was a bunch of hopping on and off huge rocks.. praying you didn't slip and break your leg and lots of laughs. Until the sun started to go down, and we realized that we weren't even on the 'real' trail because of flooding that had occurred which had completely wiped out the path..SO we decided to go much faster and head back, luckily we found the emergency exit pre-darkness!

Our friend Rose came to visit on Sunday night.. with a quick whirlwind visit, we caught up a bit and the next day Heather and I set out in the big city of DC to find a clinic for my yellow fever vaccine. We were successful, and spent the rest of the day shopping, eating, chatting and getting dinner with Ashley. I had to say my good-byes to Ashley that night, which was sad.. but I'll see her in 4 months, much sooner than our last separation!!

On Tuesday, Heather and I visited the Newseum, which was extremely overpriced at $20 a pop, but it was super interesting and makes me very thankful for the brave souls that bring us the News every day from crazy destinations! I'm still amazed by the luck that Heather and I had that day, we 'blonde-ly' (although neither of us actually ARE blonde) remembered to put my huge bags in the trunk when we parked in DC.. We did not, however, remember to put money in the meter. We realized this in the Newseum.. about 2 hours later.. booked it to the meter, where there were TWO parking people on the road, started running, just to find that we didn't have a ticket and didn't get towed.. nor did anyone else on that street. It was really strange, holler!

Then, it was back on the Megabus, my second home, and I said tootles to Heath, who was an amazing host. And then I said Hello to Lindsay.

Oh Philadelphia, why do you always toy with my emotions?! Philly and I have a love hate relationship.. I believe it began with the first time I traveled there, I had just came from 5 days in NYC.. so needless to say, my only thoughts were 'Take me back to NYC'! And my final thoughts about Philly, are mixed. I found areas I really liked, and areas I just didn't understand. I'm not a fan of the people, their personalities, or their bars. I did, however, enjoy the arts area, the murals, doors and their canolis!

I also love my friend Lindsay, who lives in the city with her sister, sister's boyfriend, sister's Great Dane, Mr. Bean & 2 cats! Luckily, we had the apartment to ourselves with the animals, because her sister was on vacation. I spent my first day in Philly with Lindsay's daddy who was in town visiting. We ran errands and plopped down on the couch to read for a few hours.. it's fun being lazy :) I love her family, and had missed them very much so it was great catching up!

Linds and I grabbed dinner most nights, on St. Patrick's day we ventured out and tried to have a good time. However, the bars were filled with sleezy married men and packed to the max. It was still fun roaming around with my besty! We also walked the dogs a lot and got to see different parts of her neighborhood that way. ALso, I went to my first dog park ever.. not my favorite thing in life.. I was just surprised to see no grass. After the dogs pee on the sidewalk non-stop, they're forced to play in ugly brown MULCH.. Thank God I grew up in the country!

Linds and I met up with my friend Amanda from JMU, we had lunch and ice cream at Not Just Ice Cream. For some reason, I thought this place only served ice cream, but that was their name to trick you.. turns out they make a decent lunch! Amanda lives and works right outside of Philly, and loves Philly to death!! We ate our fabulous ice cream while strolling the streets and chatting it up.

During the days, while Lindsay worked I milled about the city, and often stopped at cafes to do CELTA homework. It gave me much inspiration for beginning my own coffee shop, I've been wondering what I will be doing post this ESL business, and I think I MAY have discovered a passion! I seriously can't stop thinking about it and planning it in my mind!

Our last night together, Linds and I made a 'pot of (vodka) sauce', vegged out, watched movies, followed up with some yummy canolis! Tiramisu was our breakfast, and we walked to Love Park to take some cute pictures, followed by a sad good-bye! I missed her like crazy, and have to miss her yet again!

Back on my traveling home again, Megabus took me to the Big Apple, NYC.

Fresh off the bus, I strapped my bright orange backpack to my back and jumped on a subway headed Uptown. Imagining the worst in my head, I was pleasantly surprised that there weren't 'big gangsters' on the subway wielding gang paraphernalia, knives and guns questioning me why I was headed to Harlem. Seriously, before I arrived on the subway, and my bus was getting closer and closer I was preparing myself for the worst, 'if this happens, I'll do this' 'if someone says this, I'll say that'. And then I realized, America is crazy.. so long as you're confident and not doing ridiculously dumb things, people will hardly pay attention to you.. stop scaring everyone away from Harlem! If anything, I was harrassed more in Philly ("For being soo pretty, you sure do look evil!") than I was in freaking Harlem... HARLEM! Now, I think Harlem 'aint nothin but a G-thang'.. and I could honestly see myself living here! In fact, Harlem is quite entertaining.. while sitting on the subway today, Jules and I were blessed with the chance to eavesdrop on two guys talking about women. One guy was adamant that there were at least 18 women to 1 man in NYC, that NYC has "THE" FIIIINEST women, that all of the beautiful women around the world come all the way to NYC to live.. leaving their countries with no gorgeous women (he's been to Puerto Rico.. he knows.. "aint no beautiful women still livin there N*G*A they aaallll moved to NYC"). He also said that there were so many great women in this city, he'd even give 'an inch of his nub' to each one of'm. Hey, I don't imagine this stuff, that came straight out of his mouth. I find it quite astounding he would be so generous! I might just go hang out on the subway all day tomorrow, I could get hundreds of interesting quotes!

I'm here visiting a friend, Julie, who is attending Columbia for her Masters. I am so proud of her, I met her in Harrisonburg, VA and now my li'l baby's making it in The Big Apple! Her apartment is precious, she has almost graduated and currently looking for a job in the city. We hadn't seen each other in over a year, and couldn't stop talking. We went to her favorite bar, Walter's in the Chelsea area and chatted for a couple of hours over Chinese/Thai food and some PBRs. We're so proud of each other, we couldn't shut up!
Today, we went to Dinosaur's BBQ which is next to the Hudson River.. unfortunately it was raining all day, so I didn't get to wander around the streets as much as I would have liked, perhaps tomorrow!

My flight for Cartagena, Colombia will leave in exactly 30.75 hours!
Woah, I hope I can sleep tonight!!

Monday, March 7, 2011

T-16 Days

It's countdown time! 16 days until I will be putting my feet on that sweet Colombian soil! 13 days until I will be staying with my friend in Harlem, NYC! 8 days until I will be playing in Philadelphia! And 3 days until DC!

My hostel for my first night in Cartagena, Colombia has been booked, and I'm about packed and ready to go!

Let the adventures begin :)