Thursday, April 7, 2011

Oopsies, I Peed in the Raft

Today we went white water rafting (level 3) in San Gil. I didn't really pee in the raft, but the only time I even thought about leaving the safe haven of the raft was to pee in the river. And boy was it great. I got right back in the raft afterwards, don't you worry about that!

I have been hanging out with a German guy named Peter since Bucaramanga (I first met him at the hostel I was at in Cartagena, then we saw each other again in Bucaramanga, and now we're in San Gil together roaming!). We both had the same idea of going paragliding in Bucaramanga and then heading to San Gil, so it was great timing. Rafting was next on our list, and we marked it off! It was great fun, just did the 3 person raft, because the larger one was more annoying to arrange. The guide was great, the water was rough at times.. thankfully not the entire time.. but fun.

Before we met the guide, I took Peter to a place I love (yes I've been here less than 24 hours and I love some place already... happens often)... anyways, I found this little shop within the market which was right close to closing and they serve the best jugos, desserts (filled with fruits that I've never had the pleasure of tasting before) and all sorts of deliciousness. Unfortunately though, it closes at 2 or 3 everyday when the market does!! When we got there, an Irish guy that was on my trek was there, apparently it was his favorite place too, he'd been there every day for three days... (I've been every day for three days now as well) :) .. p.s. the Chardaos in the picture was only $1.50 US :D

San Gil is SUUUCH a lovely city. Actually, I wouldn't even call it a city. It's a precious large town! Everyone is SO nice and laid back. I adore it! I would move here in a heartbeat! Everything is built on massive hills, my hostel is unfortunately at the very top of one of them. I normally do the, walk half way up.. then sit down on the corner and act like I'm looking at a map bit.. then I catch my breath and climb the other half! Everyone is constantly saying 'A la orden' (or at your service), which I hadn't heard in the Caribbean cities at all. It's just amazing, you can take a nice stroll through the streets, drinking some jugo, find shade and be content for hours! I haven't given myself much time to do such a thing.. it's only lasted on my way to something else. But we went to a massive waterfall today as well and it was GORGEOUS.

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