Monday, April 4, 2011

Subtract the Quinceañera, Add the Boob Job

What is a Quinceañera?
A ginormo party that happens mostly in Latin America (or Latin American decendants) for girls turning 15 years old. This party marks the transition from girlhood to womanhood. Parents usually spend a ton of money on this celebration (kind of like the American Sweet 16th.. but honestly they probably spend even more money on it).. the birthday girl would get to wear a pastel colored ball gown, tiara, make-up, perform waltzs with family members, and be the center of the 'festival' for the night.

What is happening to the Quinceañera?
Well.. now these 15 year old girls are asking for boob jobs instead of their parents spending a ton of money on a Quinceañera party. Sound crazy? Believe it? Plastic surgery is very cheap in Latin America.. and it is especially cheap and good in Colombia. Parents are willingly BUYING their 15 year old daughters fake breasts rather than doing the 'traditional' Quinceañera... grosse or cultural?

This is not solely an issue in Colombia, the president of Venezula, Hugo Chavez gave an 8-hour address in 2007 discussing this issue among other plastic surgery/consumerist issues which reared major conflict in Venezuala. People were seriously offended, saying that he was trying to impede on women's rights... HELLO, the child is a freaking minor!

Honestly, when I think of Latin America, I think sex, romance and intensity.. I don't necessarily think boob jobs and butt implants (the two most popular plastic surgeries).. they don't HAVE to go hand in hand.. but maybe that is because I'm not a guy. Either way, parents seriously need a reality check.. let children be children, not sex idols.

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