Sunday, April 10, 2011

It Doesn't Always Take 2 to Tango

Dear Ange,
Thank you for this note:

I hope you are safe, always wear your shoes in the shower and a smile in your heart :) Which I know you do.

Love yoU!

I just want you to know, that the smile is in my heart but the shoes are never in the shower. Grosse huh? ALSO, all because of you Ange, I've been actually TRYING to bargain now... I just imagine you giving me a swift kick in the butt like in Thailand :) You're also the bestest travel buddy ever, I'm still grateful for you switching a flip-flop with me in Thailand.

I miss each and every one (Joe, Ange, Dana, Mikan) of the buddies I've planned and went on trips with to far away lands. It's so great to play around the world with your best friends!! But there is something bitter-sweet about traveling solo with me, myself & I... I've always heard that traveling with a friend can limit the people you meet, you get into your own comfort bubble and don't feel the need to reach out and meet new fellows... it's not until recently that I've realized that it is SO entirely true.

When I've traveled with friends, I've never really had any lasting relationships with people we've met. Now, that I have been traveling on my own in Beijing and South America.. I have countless friends that I'm sure I will keep in touch with and hopeufully see again in some part of the world. That is the super sweet part, the memories, the laughs, the awkward moments.. the bitter part consists of all of the many good-byes. I've only been traveling for 2 weeks now, and the thing I hate the most is the g-b word! I've said good-bye to some awesome people, some people I'll probably never see or talk to again, some I'll for sure see in a different country.. all sorts of emotions come about after a few days of wandering around.

There are some days where I can't be bothered being so friendly, but for the most part I love love love meeting the crazy characters I run into everyday!

I think you learn something new from everyone, so I'm banking on being a lot smarter by the end of this trip :)

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