Saturday, April 16, 2011

Team Pablo y Team Charlie

Pablo Pablo, rah rah rah! (me)
Charlie Charlie, rah rah rah! (Ness)

I had planned on leaving the day before yesterday, but changed my mind and found out that Jos would be riding mountain bikes all day.. SO.. Ness and I decided to have a GIRL'S DAY!! The only thing we had planned really was to take a stroll to the coffee farm!

It took about an hour to walk there.. the rain began of course.. about an hour touring the farm (all in Spanish).. I DRANK MY FIRST CUP OF COFFEE!!! The coffee was amazing, and I believe I was bouncing off the walls a bit 0:-). We hired a Jeep to go home because it was raining cats and dogs, as usual. Once we arrived back in Salento, Ness and I were STARVING! We went to our favorite place, Lucy's, for lunch.

This is when the hilariousness began. At Lucy's, they gave us double the fried food they normally do (fried plantains and fried unknown balls of dough).. I ate all of our plantains.. but the balls were just way too greasy. I looked over and there were these two gentleman (maybe about 40-ish and 50-ish years old).. one had a pancho and a hat on, the other looked just Colombian.. I noticed that they weren't finished eating, but they had eaten all of the fried munchies already.

I asked Ness if we should give ours to them.. we put them on a napkin.. and used our fabulous Spanglish to get the point across. They were like giddy little boys, SO EXCITED. The pancho guy said "HE! (point) Poor man! Happy!" and then they laughed. They kept saying other random things and making fun of each other in English.. we told them they had great English.. and they kept making fun of each other and bickering in English. Ness and I were laughing our butts off, these guys seemed like such characters.

We had wanted to go play Tejo on our Girl's Day (a Colombian 'drinking' game, where you throw large rocks at packets of gunpowder), we had never played it before and the stupid thing wasn't open the previous day. So, we asked our new restaurant friends if they knew what time it opened and closed.

When we said Tejo, they got SO excited. We decided to make new friends, and asked if they wanted to come with us. OF COURSE, Tejo was closed again.. I suppose because the town is so small. So our new friends, Pablo and Carlos, suggested pool! Nes and I looked at each other with the 'OMG, we're so horrible.. but we really really want to' look. And said, YES! We get there, form our teams.. and I try to get some Spanish practice in.. but they obviously wanted to practice their English just as bad.. so we all spoke mainly English.

Paola y Pablo = Team Pablo (Lost by 1!)
Nes y Carlos = Team Charlie (Won by 1!)

I don't think the pool hall had seen anything like us before. When I made my first shot, I screamed bloody murder jumping up into the air, Nes did the same.. the hall was suddenly happy.. not so SERIOUS like boys take things normally while competing. We got some very funny stares! Carlos and Pablo were great company, very silly, and didn't take life too seriously.. my kind of peeps!

Post-game, we had to say good-bye.. Carlos handled it well, but poor Pablo looked like he was going to cry for 5-minutes.. maybe it's because we lost? :) He ended with a .. "I guess I will see you.. never ::pout::".

Girl's Day, SUCCESS!

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