Thursday, June 9, 2011

Papa Oso's Panga

I have a new best friend, as always I suppose, his name is Miguel.. he also goes by Amigo, Papito, Mi Amor, Mi Vida, Papa Oso, Papito Oso and Heeeey! He is the cutest fluffiest Ecuadorian on the planet, I just always want to give him a hug. He is one of the crew members on the boat, and he always drives one of the Pangas.. or Dinghies (I thought it sounded funny to call the blog ‘Papa Oso’s Dingy’). Anyways, I always look forward to getting into his Dinghy when we go on an excursion because he’s always smiling and happy.

We snorkeled at Devil’s Crown today, which was W-I-C-K-E-D-L-Y unbelievable!! I saw a school of 9 Eagle Rays swimming way below me and a ton of cool fish, it was like a little Disneyland down there for fish!! Insanely magically intense, loved!

Later, we went through another lava tunnel and picked up letters from Post Office Bay on Floreana Island. Post office Bay has a really cool story, which I’m sure can be Googled. Basically, in the 1700’s pirates started leaving messages on Post Office Bay… they placed a barrel there and the letters were put inside. Then, when ships sailed past the bay, they would stop and pick up the letters that were addressed for their country, and then could leave letters that needed to be sent to a different country. They carry on the tradition now by having the tourists that stop by the island on their cruise to leave a post card in the barrel. I didn’t pick up any to deliver from the USA, but I found one from Korea that I’ll take with me and mail once I get to Korea! Good times : )

This is our last day on the boat, and we’ll be dropped off back at my home of Puerto Ayora tonight after dinner!

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