Wednesday, June 29, 2011


$10.00 – teeth cleaning
$1.75 – almuerzo (fresh pineapple juice, soup, beef, rice, beans, pineapple)
$3.00 – haircut (no joke)


Yup, the math is done right! Insane huh?!

I knew I didn’t want to pay the insane US prices to have my teeth cleaned in the states, and I didn’t want to try to have them cleaned in Korea again (I had a SCALING done instead, which is what old people normally have done, and it was soooo painful)… so I walked into a random dentist office downtown and had it done in the snap of a finger… it was definitely a bit different than usual, but it got the job done!

The almuerzo was super cheap, yet still good (so long as you aren’t too picky of a person!).

The haircut was quite fabulous and the lady even ‘styled’ it afterwards… I was definitely seriously nervous the entire time it was being done.. and just praying (since I told her in my horrid Spanish that I wanted just the dead ends trimmed off and maybe a bit more style.. as in layers).. I got all of the above, PLUS she didn’t butcher my bangs (which was by far the part I least wanted to watch!

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