Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shut.... UP

So.. I walk into this bar.

No really, I walk into my hostel's bar and onto the terrace. A few of my friends are sitting in a circle enjoying the sunset, so I join. Sit down, maybe 5 minutes later a guy pops in that we've never seen. He takes a seat, we start talking to him. Mike asks him where he's from... this, my friends, is where it all begins.

Mike: Where are you from?
Kevin: The USA
Mike: Where in the US?
Kevin: Maryland
Me: Oh cool, I'm from VA
Kevin & I: ::We begin to discuss Northern VA, DC, where he used to live in Rosslyn, where I lived in Georgetown, Nick's Country Bar (in previous post)..::
Mike: How long have you been in Colombia?
Kevin: :: He discusses his story of just coming from Ecuador, Central America...::
Kevin: So you're from Arlington?
Me: Noooo, I'm not from NOVA! I'm from Roanoke.
Kevin: Seriously? I grew up in Roanoke!
Me: Well, I'm not literally from Roanoke.
Kevin: Me either
::Simultaneously:: I'm from Troutville --- Troutville
(Okay, I'm a bit weirded out by this point.. is this guy stalking me? Is this one of those tricks where he reads my mind?!)
Me: What highschool did you go to?
Kevin: Lord Botetourt
Me: Ew! So did I!
Kevin: Ew? haha
(I'm thinking.. uuhuh, as if I even believe you :) )
Me: Where in Troutville did you live?
Kevin: Trinity Road
Me: Aah, okay I've definitely been on that one. I live off of Catawba
(Alright.. Trinity Rd... I'm starting to believe him)
Kevin: I'm really surprised to meet someone from Troutville, traveling isn't exactly 'accepted' as a norm
Me: Welp, we broke those assumptions! Woohooooo

Then, I'm still in a bit of awe. And the friends and I were just about to go to Jorge's house.. so I just sit there awkwardly, thinking about it all. And we say our goodbyes.. I found him on Facebook, he aint lyin' son.. no no nooo!

K.. then I walk out of the bar.
The End

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