Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A Grasshopper in my Pillowcase

Living on a sand dune on the coast of Ecuador always leads to random things.

Two days ago, this huge winged thing flew down from my loft area and scared the absolute crap out of me... I thought it was a bat because its wings sounded so powerful & batty like... it was a HUGE grasshopper looking thing (but not as cute) and I think it hated me! I was for sure it was going to leap onto my neck and suck my blood.. a Twilight sort of grasshopper. I tried to open the door, and it flew somewhere else and scared the begeezes out of me.. luckily it flew AWAY from the door though. It was dinner time, and I'm never late for dinner.. but there was no way I was leaving my cabana until I KNEW it was outta there! So, I turned my light off, turned the porch light on, and opened the door. Obviously this bugger wasn't that attracted to light. The cook came over to my cabana to see if I was coming to eat (like I said.. never late for food).. and my spanish being not so great.. I had no idea how to tell him there was a huge winged animal the size of my middle finger galavanting around my room.. so I just pointed and screamed GRANDE GRANDE AYUDAME EEk! Long story short, it finally flew out!

Of course after that, I was preparing myself to not have a heart attack if something else starts flying around my room.

Then, the other night.. someone's cabana got broken into.. even though we're supposedly on a 'safe and secured resort'.. his cabana was the farthest down, and the sad thing is.. is that we were ALL on the property, but we were eating. So the people that work here think that it is someone from within Kamala, yet they have no idea who, and didn't have the police here. None of us really got the best of sleep that night, I was cuddled up in my bed and had to call my Acababa friend to see if she thought I should leave my porch light on.. even though I would be able to see really creepy shadows.. and then I moved my glass top table in front of the window, so it wouldn't be as easy for someone to crawl into my cabana like I did the other night!!

THEN, last night there literally was a grasshopper/cucaracha sort of thing IN my pillowcase. I mean, holy cow. I think the cleaning lady put it there! I'm gonna start cleaning before she cleans, so she doesn't get mad at me!! I was (and shouldn't have been) lying on my bed and doing work, head on pillow, arm around pillow, propping myself up.. WHEN I feel something move under one of my fingers, at first I ignored it, but the second time I noticed I FREAKED out, looked into my pillowcase and see something with legs.. either a grasshopper or a cucaracha and the length of my pinkY finger. I slept surprinsingly well that night, considering.. but GEEZE that's just not normal! I know what I'll be checking every night before I go to sleep!

I have geckos that wander in and out of my cabana, talking up a storm. There is a little baby a quarter the size of my pinkY finger.. <3 my little children!

There are strange birds living in a tree outside of my bathroom that sound like frogs. Seriously, I couldn't believe it when I went out there and found out they were birds (picture to come!)

There are about 4 or 5.. sometimes 6 dogs that live with us. Three kittens. Sometimes the neighbor down the beach's horses run around here. Bulls have come and stampeded a bit after our dogs chased them. The peacocks like to walk on the bar in the early morning. Mosquitos don't even need to be mentioned seeing as they have eaten me alive!

The list literally goes on and on, I would just like all of the animals in the world to stay out of my pillowcase and live a happy and fulfilling life, with joy and peacefulness!!

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